Our Team

Our team consists of professionals from multiple sector and industry which have been trained from
some of the best companies in the world and also seasoned experts who have initiated, managed
multiple end-to-end real estate development projects, and experienced architects and civil engineers
who have worked on various building design and construction, hands on project controllers and
logistics/field coordinator; permit and legality consultants to tackle on permit issuance and legal aspects
on the land.
Nusantara Group has a team consist of seasoned executives and entrepreneurs with a combined
expertise and experience of more than 100 years in the real estate development, construction, project
planning, project design and control, mining, consulting and advisory, trading of commodities, and
finance. Our team is dedicated in helping our partners to realize its full potential in the most effective
and cost efficient ways.

We are passionate in delivering results and serving our partners with the utmost excellence by fostering
collaboration among parties in finding the win-win solution to every business problem.

Dehry Zoto Surjansjah, S.E., MBA

Dehry has over 20 years of working experience as professional and entrepreneur in the industry ranging
from real estate, mining, consulting, to trading. He is experienced in conceptualizing business plan /
strategic planning and execution, implementing projects to achieve the targeted budget and timeframe,
project financing and takeover, improving business processes, transforming human capital processes
and structure, and sustainability practices. Dehry has solid Finance and Management background from
The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA.

Iwan Kumara, S.E

Seasoned real estate developer with over 18 years of experience in the industry, ranging from town
houses to subsidy housing, to over 1,500+ units in one project area. Expert in social coordination,
marketing to masses, and project construction. Iwan also is a lecturer in one of the best real estate
training school in Indonesia, specializing in subsidy housing development. Iwan obtained his Bachelor
degree in Business from Economic Faculty at Lampung University.

Aditya Putra Manggala

Aditya has been involved in several green field real estate development projects. His involvement
include location survey, establishing project profile for review, creating digital marketing content,
developing and managing digital marketing channels, establishing customer relationship management
process, as well as managing digital campaign process and events.